Week notes (2018-01-01 – 2018-01-05)

I missed the last week before Christmas. Sorry about that; I may fill in the gap at some point.


A new year! I wrote a todo list for the coming year, which I'll try to keep up to date.

Though technically still the night before, I got the "add and moderate incident" functionality working on In Collision With and deployed. Bonus points for it not breaking.


Took the day off :-D.


First day back at work (and in the office) after the Christmas break. Strong winds forecast, so I was on the bus.

We have a new IAM team member starting today, who seems to know his stuff around the Microsoft side (e.g. ADFS, AD).

Spent the time between meetings working on getting our devolved phone management application (phoneman) into our team's configuration management system, rb3. We'd got it set up with Puppet on other infrastructure for expediency, but the time has come to hand it over properly. At the same time, we're migrating it from Webauth to Shibboleth.


Work from home day (at home!). More config management.

Went to a Save Brackley Library meeting in the evening, and committed to helping more.


Collected signatures for the Save Brackley Library petition at and after drop-off, before heading in to work.

First day since the break cycling in. Very slow. Obviously the bike's fault.

More configuration management. Realised I don't know enough about configuring Shibboleth for phoneman, so at my line manager's suggestion I'm off to the training on Tuesday.

Finally unprotected my Twitter account now that my insurance claim is over (I was driven into on a roundabout while cycling in March 2016, breaking my wrist).