Open for Contract Work

✨ Do you need a freelance developer at short notice? ✨

I have a new job lined up, but it's going to be a little while before I get a start date. To bridge the gap, I can be available as a freelancer a month from now for an expected 2–4 weeks?

I've worked remotely in agile teams for about three year now, and my current role is a Senior Developer at a small software development consultancy. I have years of experience with Django, good knowledge of Wagtail, and rapidly getting up to speed with React. I also have reasonable deployment/infra knowledge (e.g. Kubernetes, Ansible, GCP), and lots more besides — see my LinkedIn profile, visit my Skills page, or get in touch via if you'd like to see a CV. I'd be ideal doing short tasks on existing codebases, given the window I'd have available.