Botley Road Corridor Improvements

Here are my responses to the Botley Road Corridor Improvements consultation.

The boxes had 500 character limits, which is frustrating, and I hope that Cyclox and the Oxford Pedestrians Association were able to submit fuller critiques.

What do you like / dislike about the overall proposed design of Botley Road Corridor, please tell us why?

The scheme does not look to have a clear vision, or at least, does not connect the implementation to stated aims.

Oxford needs to massively reduce air pollution, which necessarily means reducing private motor traffic. Reducing congestion is best achieved by making transport more efficient, which should mean discouraging inefficient means of transport.

To do this, cycling, walking and buses need to be fully prioritised over private motor vehicles, not just accommodated, and this is lacking.

What do you like / dislike about the proposed bus facilities, including the introduction of floating bus stops, please tell us why?

Floating bus stops are a good idea, but need to be implemented effectively. Cycle/pedestrian segregation must be maintained past them, with (possibly small) kerbs, and pedestrian crossings across the cycleway. Without this, there is too much scope for conflict, making an unpleasant environment for both cyclists and pedestrians. Some cyclists will instead use the carriageway to avoid, which is undesired

Please read for best practice

What do you like / dislike about the improved cycle and pedestrian facilities, including the side road entry treatments, please tell us why?

On-road non-segregated cycle lanes provide no protection from motor vehicles (see Guardian article: Drivers can and will enter them to pass on the inside, or to park, and so are still a hostile environment to cycle in and should be fully segregated. There should be cycle-only phases at all major junctions (e.g. A420, Seacourt, Ferry Hinksey) to remove conflict with motor vehicles and so enable use of these facilities by less confident cyclists, including children.

Please add any general comments below.

Proposals do not pass the "would you let your child cycle here?" test (Guardian: and so will do little to encourage shift away from private motor vehicles to active transport, which is one of the stated aims of the project

At the exhibition, I heard that advance greens for cycles were being considered, but do not form of this consultation. Why are such details not being consulted on? They may be seen as "a solution" but provide no protection to someone who arrives on green