2018 TODO list

A new year! What to do?

Here's a brief list of things I hope to do to Make Things Better this year:

  • Improve the crowdsourcing aspects of In Collision With.
  • Campaign for better cycle infrastructure and safety in Oxford(shire), including:
    • Meeting with a representative of Thames Valley Police's roads policing team.
    • Getting Oxfordshire County Council to enact a Traffic Regulation Order to make the mandatory cycle lanes on the Woodstock and Oakthorpe Roads enforceable.
    • Produce a wiki page for the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain about snow and ice treatments for cycle infrastructure, following this Twitter thread.
  • Better support Save Brackley Library in protecting library services in Northamptonshire.
  • Endeavour to create or discover a working environment in which I feel that I'm effecting positive change and making progress. This has been rather missing over the last 6-12 months, and it's not going to be particularly beneficial to me or the organisation if it doesn't get better.
    Updated 25 January: I'm starting a new job with mySociety on the 26th of February!
  • Attend Restore's Mental Health First Aid training.
  • Play with setting up a (technically Not A Service) Mastodon instance for the University as a collaborative space away from Twitter. I'd also like to deploy this PR so that users can make uni-only posts while still being connected to the federated community.
    Updated 25 January: This isn't going to happen now, as I'm leaving the University.
  • Add comments to this blog. (An "easy" one!)
    Updated 18 January: [Done!]
    Updated 13 January 2021: Undone! (new blog platform)
  • Learn to knit?

I'll try to update this page as I go. If you're wondering how I'm getting along with any of these, please hassle me!