1. Botley Road Corridor Improvements

    A response to the Oxfordshire County Council consultation on the proposed changes to the Botley Road Corridor

  2. Night cycling events in 2018

    Want to cycle somewhere with lots of people overnight?

  3. Week notes (2018-01-08 – 2018-01-12)

    Configuration management (again), Shibboleth SP training, an interview, catching up with friends and some OxPoints data wombling.


    A quick note to say: This blog now has comments, courtesy of Disqus. That's the first thing ticked off on the todo list.

  5. Week notes (2018-01-01 – 2018-01-05)

    A new year (start?), and only three days of work. Libraries.

  6. 2018 TODO list

    Plans for the new year

  7. Week notes (2017-12-11 – 2017-12-15)

    Java, Maven, dev.ac.uk, Docker, and reference architectures. Oh, and a party.

  8. Week notes (2017-12-04 – 2017-12-08)

    Kubernetes and Docker, playing with IdMs, and further realisations about how you present things without scaring people.

  9. Library Service Provision and the Equality Duty

    Notes around the Public Sector Equality Duty and provision of library services by local authorities

  10. After Claudia Comberti's Inquest

    Thoughts following the inquest into the death of Claudia Comberti

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